The advice platform of HELTIE animal.

Keeping animals can be intensive, especially when health problems arise. As an owner, you want to seek information about conditions, solutions, and learn more about ingredients. That's why from HELTIE animal, we have set up this information platform called AskHELTIE.

  • Disorders in dogs & horses.

    Does your dog or horse have a disorder, and would you like to know more about it? On AskHELTIE, you can find information about various conditions so that you can read at your own pace and learn more about what your beloved animal is experiencing.

  • Look up ingredients and learn more!

    Do you provide supplements or feed that contain herbs? Or is there a specific ingredient you would like to know more about? In our "herb library," we provide information about the (medicinal) effects of herbs, minerals, and other substances.

AskHELTIE, the advice platform of HELTIE animal!

The website AskHELTIE is associated with HELTIE Animal, an online shop for supplements for horses and dogs. Unfortunately, due to legislation, it is not allowed to delve deeply into the functioning of our products and/or the ingredients we use on our webshop. For this reason, we have established AskHELTIE, an information platform for animal enthusiasts! On this platform, we are allowed to provide you with all the information regarding the health of horses/dogs and offer advice. We are not allowed to refer to specific products, but feel free to contact us with any questions!

Everything with love for your animal and with the help of nature.

Questions? AskHELTIE!

Are you looking for advice about your dog or horse? Or do you want to know more about conditions or ingredients? Feel free to contact AskHELTIE, and we will be happy to assist you! .