Honest advice

Is your dog or horse not feeling its best? Or does your animal have a condition that could use some extra support? Or maybe you would like more information about a disease, supplement, or ingredient?

At AskHELTIE, you can always get honest and free advice for your dog or horse! Your animal comes first with us, and we do this with the help of nature. No sales pitches, just truly looking at what fits your situation. And if we don't have anything suitable or can't find a solution, we'll gladly refer you to another brand or specialist.

So feel free to send us a message or give us a call anytime!

Questions? AskHELTIE!

Are you looking for advice about your dog or horse? Or do you want to know more about conditions or ingredients? Feel free to contact AskHELTIE, and we will be happy to assist you! .