Silicon: what's it good for?

Silicon is an important mineral in the diet of mammals such as dogs. But it is also still relatively unknown. What is silicon actually good for? And when do you use a silicon supplement for your dog?



27 May '24 2 min reading time

Silicon is an essential mineral naturally occurring in the Earth's crust. It plays a crucial role in the formation of connective tissues, including tendons and ligaments. But it is also very important for the formation of joint fluid, cartilage, and even bone formation. The mineral occurs naturally in various foods. If you suspect your dog has a silicon deficiency, it may be wise to feed your dog food rich in silicon or possibly use a silicon supplement.

Benefits of silicon for tendons and bones

Silicon is involved in the production of collagen, the main protein in connective tissue. Strong and elastic tendons are essential for the mobility of dogs, and silicon contributes to the formation and maintenance of healthy connective tissue. Even if the tendons are slightly strained, silicon helps promote recovery. Thanks to this mineral, tissues remain flexible and elastic, allowing your dog to move smoothly. Silicon also helps maintain the health of cartilage by stimulating the body to produce glucosamine. This can help reduce joint problems, especially in older dogs, but also in growing dogs of large breeds. Even bone formation is stimulated when silicon is given.

Benefits of silicon for skin, coat, and nails Silicon also stimulates hair growth and healthy nail growth. Does your dog have coat problems? Try adding more silicon to his diet. This stimulates the health and growth of the coat.

Giving more silicon?

To maximize the benefits of silicon for your dog's tendons, bones, and coat, consider supplements containing silicon. Preferably choose hydrolyzed silicon dioxide, as this form is best absorbed. Especially dogs with joint problems, osteoarthritis, active dogs, and puppies benefit from silicon supplements. A supplement is the easiest way to give more silicon, but certain foods also contain a lot of silicon. Make sure your dog has a balanced diet with enough minerals and pay attention to the quality of the food. Peas, lentils, and pumpkin are good sources of silicon.

A little patience!

Because silicon works slowly, from the outside in, it may take a while before you see the effect of a supplement, especially if you give it for the bones. You will already be able to observe the effect on hair and nails after a few weeks.

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