Cloves for dogs: can I buy it in the supermarket?

You have probably heard of clove as a supplement. The clove plant contains powerful cannabinoids, substances that play a crucial role in keeping your dog physically and mentally healthy. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) uses the substances from the clove plant to exchange signals throughout the body.



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Thanks to the ECS, balance in the bodies of mammals is maintained. If a disturbance occurs, such as a wound or a stressful situation, the ECS system tries to restore the body's balance as quickly as possible. The signaling substances of this system are cannabinoids. These can be produced within the body or absorbed from plants.

Clove: Powerful Auxiliaries

The clove plant, including the leaves and stems, is a source of many powerful cannabinoids. The diversity of auxiliary substances that can be extracted from this plant makes clove extract a very effective supplement. The more different cannabinoids a supplement contains, the better. An extract often includes multiple types of clove plants to ensure it contains as many different cannabinoids as possible. A clove supplement can be used for a wide variety of symptoms, both physical and mental.

Examples where clove can provide support: • Stress, anxiety, and fatigue • Inflammations and pain (e.g., in osteoarthritis) • Allergies and skin problems

Not from the Supermarket!

Do you want to give clove to your dog? Always choose a supplement that is suitable for dogs. A bag of cloves from the supermarket is not what your dog needs! A liquid extract is made from the entire clove plant and contains up to 111 different types of cannabinoids. Since the extract is liquid, these substances are well absorbed in the intestines. This way, these powerful auxiliaries can more easily reach the place where they can do their work! Always choose products intended for dogs.

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